Walk-in tattoo (also known as Same day Tattoo): is a tattoo that you can come in and get the same day you decide that you want a tattoo, and the artists doesn’t have to spend hours drawing and preparing for.

We currently have two tattoo options for walk-in services these include:

30 min or less Walk-In Tattoo – Same day walk-in tattoo, any tattoo that takes 1 minute to up to 39 minutes to complete.

1 hour or less Walk-In Tattoo – Same day walk-in tattoo any tattoo that takes 40 minutes to an hour to complete.

Q: Can you walk in and get big tattoos or micro tattoos?

A: No You cannot come for a walk-in tattoo and expect your tattooist to do complicated large or micro design in one day. If that’s what you want, then you should make an appointment. Before you go to a tattoo studio, try to come up with a potential design idea you might be satisfied with.

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