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FLWR.PWR SERIES floral tattoos was created by KC earlier in 2022. This rising series has been primarily based loosely on the layout of the trending and popular fineline floral tattoos but with an alternate take on them. The first FLWR.PWR SERIES was KC’s introduction to the popular Floral tattoo design genre and it consisted of a variety of floral tattoo designs, including fineline, midline, and bold line floral tattoo designs. These designs were tattooed loosely based off the popular styles of, neo-traditional, new-school, fineline, and consisted of color, black and grey, stipple/dotwork and blackwork shading styles. These tattoo designs were priced at $150 and ranged from medium to large scale floral designs and took anywhere from 3-8 hours of tattoo time to complete.

Following the completion of the first FLWR.PWR SERIES, Kc then immediately went on to start creating and designing the FLWR.PWR SERIES 2 designs. This series was created to focus more on the black and grey styles of tattooing. FLWR.PWR SERIES 2 consisted of small to large black and grey floral designs and were tattooed mainly in the dot-work/ whip-shade, blackwork styles. FLWR.PWR SERIES 2 focused the larger designs mainly on the use of multiple line weights throughout the floral designs, and semi fineline structure with the smaller designs. These tattoo designs were priced at $75 for the small designs and $200 for the large designs and ranged from 3 inches to 18 inches tall and took anywhere from 2-8 hours of tattoo time to complete.

FLWR.PWR SERIES 3 floral designs will consist of the available designs from the first two series along with some new ones, and will also include new mini floral designs.  With the FLWR.PWR SERIES 3 KC would like to challenge himself and his creativity and focus on using the base structure and layout of the design but giving you the collector more options of tattoo and shading style depending on design and size. This includes traditional, neo-traditional, new-school, painterly/semi-realism, fineline, and will consist of color, color-splash, black and grey, stipple/dotwork and blackwork shading styles. FLWR.PWR SERIES 3 designs will be specifically priced due to size, this includes $50 mini, $75 small, $100 medium, $200 Large. All mini and small designs will be available for purchase more than once and will not be limited to one person. Only the medium and large designs will be limited to one person, once the design is purchased it will no longer be available for purchase.

FLWR.PWR SERIES 3 Scheduling now available!