If you have already spoken with your artist and they require a deposit please use this page to pay deposit first. If you have not been instructed to set deposit please proceed to request appointment page

1. Submit deposit through this page,  2. After you get confirmation from PayPal press option to return to merchant.

*Setting a deposit, and requesting and appointment are separate from each other. If you are placing a deposit you will be redirected back to page to complete appointment request (Both must be completed and submitted).


All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!  You are agreeing to put down a deposit to set and hold an appointment time for tattooing or artwork design. What the deposit does is say that you are committed to getting the tattoo that you discussed with your artist in a timely manner, and that you trust your artist to come up with a design to your satisfaction with the information you have given them. This deposit is subtracted from the price of your tattoo when you get it, or towards your last session if it is a tattoo that requires more than one sitting. If you have a budget for your tattoo please let us know before we begin designing your tattoo, this way we do not design outside of your budget.

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