Appointment Request 

Request Appointment Instructions 

1. Select service, 2. Select artist, 3. Select date and time,4. Fill out contact information, 5. Press submit button

Request Appointment Instructions (With Depost)

1. Submit deposit through PayPal, 2. After you get confirmation from PayPal press option to return to merchant, 3. Select service, 4. Select artist, 5. Select date and time, 6. Fill out contact information, 7. Press submit button

*Highlighted days or greyed out times are unavailable please select another day or time.

*Make sure time slot that you choose is large enough for the service you are selecting. Example if 5pm slot is already taken(greyed out) and you are trying to request a 3hr session at 4pm there is not enough time and it will not allow you to do so.

*Setting a deposit, and requesting and appointment are separate from each other. If you are placing a deposit you will be redirected back to page to complete appointment request (Both must be completed and submitted).

*Price and time are only estimations, and  may vary depending on actual services, time, size, design, and location.

*Please mark fields that pertain to the service you are requesting.

Depending on your email settings it may go to your spam folder. After your artist reviews your request they will contact you to confirm or adjust your request. 

If you have already spoken with your artist and they require a deposit please use the PayPal button to pay deposit first. If you have not been instructed to set deposit please proceed to the “Request Appointment” section. 


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